Twelve Steps to Re-Wild My Life

The more I live in rectangular rhythms and put things in boxes and only turn at right angles, the more I lose sight of the entire, full universe of possibility (in every realm – I mean that as ambiguous as it sounds). Here are my steps to re-wild my life. I can’t claim to do all of these things, or any of them on an every day basis. But they serve as a guide and a reminder. Every little change means something, and reminds me of wonderful feelings that I can’t risk forgetting. It’s like keeping a seed bank of sensation.

1. Stop looking at the time, and start letting life move in organic, chaotic chunks.

2. Leave empty space in your schedule to allow for meandering, mosying, bumping into people, observing, feeling.

3. Walk barefoot sometimes. Even if it hurts a little bit.

4. Constantly change the routes that you take, and even better, don’t walk in straight lines. Curve.

5. Don’t just look at plants from afar – touch them! Smell them! Maybe even taste them!

6. Hoot and holler when you feel like it.

7. Sometimes draw the world rather than photographing it. You’ll be amazed at how more fully you can see a tree once you sit down to draw its branches and leaves.

8. Walk on terrain that challenges your muscles and balance. If you’re sore or dirty afterward, you’re doing it right: you’re an animal! Feel like one!

9. Watch the sunset whenever you can, without turning away.

10. Star-gaze like you mean it. Get comfortable and linger. Your eyesight will change.

11. Sometimes dress too lightly for the weather. Let the chill or the rain or the snow fully inhabit you.

12. Sing, play, or listen to songs that don’t have words. Don’t confine your world to the limits of words.


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